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Mai 23

You probably can it depends on how the wires snapped, you may be able to repair them by soldering them back together and resealing them with plastic, but if you reverse the individual conductors, the sound quality would be affected. All in all, a tedious job. I sol republic tracks hd say, take the opportunity to buy some new, higher quality ear buds — your iPod *will* sound better.

I suggest the UltimateEars ear buds — first — the earbuds are modular, so the cable can be replaced if sol republic headphones it damaged, also the conductors are reinforced at the ear bud and wrap around the back of the ear, so they much more resistant to damage or the discomfort caused when the cable is jerked.

My Skullcandy Hesh headphones snapped while they were in my backpack and when I took them out the wire was also broken with it. Is there anyway to repair the wire or do I just have to buy a new pair?

on my laptop powerpoint the wire snapped and could i fix it .

I looking to buy some wireless headphones for a classic ipod. Anybody got any or suggestions?

I bought the new ipod video nano, and i tried to put music in it but it wouldn work and i threw away the directions that went with the ipod. i know how the wire thing works and everything but i try to sync the music in but it wouldn work. HELP!

If a bird doesn get electrocuted when perching on a wire, then what if a human were to hang from such a wire? and what if the wire then snapped with the human holding one end in each hand?

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